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 Quality - Providing our customers with the same, high quality mineral producers have come to expect from Ruma Rich. Formulations done to supply high performance animals necessary levels of all minerals and vitamins.

Value - Competitively priced mineral supplements that take advantage of new feeding technology and maintaining cost advantages.

Responsibility - It is important to not only maintain animal performance but do this in an environmentally responsible way. Reducing mineral excretions and formulating with more responsible mineral levels.

           We have succeeded in creating a unique mineral line, the first to be marketed with an eye toward environmental responsibility. Make no mistake; we are not sacrificing animal performance in doing this. In fact, that was foremost in our mind as reformulation was done. This "Eco-Rich" will cover the entire spectrum of mineral mixes you are familiar with in the Ruma Rich mineral line, but utilizing new formulation techniques.

          The First mineral addressed was phosphorus (P). In the past few years this mineral has received more and more press, unfortunately not much of it has been good. We have always formulated P as a percent in total diet, not taking into account production level or DMI in most cases. As a result we have in many cases been grossly overfeeding P and as a result, soil P has become a soil and water issue in many areas. You will notice, contained in "Eco-Rich ," lowered P levels to assist in soil and water issues.

        Next, we addressed the trace minerals, Se, Mn, Zn, and Cu. Recent research reports have stated some alarming findings, such as cows close to Cu toxicity. These cows were being fed levels of Cu that are common across the country. In addition, the levels being fed are based on old information in which chelated minerals were not as available as they are currently. Our approach was to lower the total amount of Mn, Zn and Cu in the mix and replace a significant amount of inorganic sources with chelated sources. These provide much higher bioavailability for the animal and lessen the environmental impact due to curtailed excretion of unavailable mineral.  In selecting the chelates to use, we settled on a combination utilizing both proteinate and oligosaccharide technology. These excel the organic sources by as much as 35% in bioavailability. This technique was employed for Mn, Zn, and Cu. To address Se, we went to Alltech and their SelPlex product. Research has shown more and more uses of Se in the body, that were previously unknown. Therefore, the use of a highly available Se source to bolster the immune system and reproductive efficiency we felt was necessary.
      We are proud of this new line and invite your questions and input!

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