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Monday, October 16, 2017 6:31AM CDT Dow AgroSciences and ADM plan to collaborate to bring Enlist E3 soybeans to the field in 2018.
Monday, October 16, 2017 6:30AM CDT Label changes will also limit spraying to daytime hours and lower the maximum wind speed for applications to 10 mph.
Monday, October 16, 2017 6:29AM CDT Employee training is really about sharing knowledge and teaching your employees their role so they can perform their best on your farm operation.
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DTN Market Matters Blog
Editorial Staff
Friday, October 6, 2017 12:52PM CDT
The DTN average dried distillers grains price was slightly higher on average for the week ended Oct. 5 at $111 per ton.
Monday, October 2, 2017 11:08AM CDT
Friday, September 29, 2017 12:23PM CDT
Technically Speaking
Darin Newsom
DTN Senior Analyst
Sunday, October 15, 2017 6:00PM CDT
DTN's Weekly Technical Analysis: Corn and Soybeans 10/15
Sunday, October 15, 2017 5:56PM CDT
Sunday, October 15, 2017 5:54PM CDT
Fundamentally Speaking
Joel Karlin
DTN Contributing Analyst
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 10:44AM CDT
September 2017 precipitation for the top 21 corn and soybean producing states
Friday, October 6, 2017 8:22AM CDT
Wednesday, September 27, 2017 10:55AM CDT
DTN Ag Policy Blog
Chris Clayton
DTN Ag Policy Editor
Monday, October 16, 2017 1:47PM CDT
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt issued an agency-wide directive on Monday to end the practice of sue and settle.
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 6:33AM CDT
Wednesday, October 4, 2017 8:44PM CDT
Minding Ag's Business
Marcia Taylor
DTN Executive Editor
Friday, October 13, 2017 6:52PM CDT
Employee training is really about sharing knowledge and teaching your employees their role so they can perform their best on your farm operation.
Thursday, October 5, 2017 6:35AM CDT
Thursday, September 21, 2017 11:43AM CDT
DTN Ag Weather Forum
Bryce Anderson
DTN Ag Meteorologist and DTN Analyst
Friday, October 13, 2017 1:26PM CDT
A summary of how Pacific Ocean temperatures are crawling, not walking, toward La Nina levels.
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 7:10PM CDT
Friday, October 6, 2017 2:13PM CDT
Monday, October 16, 2017 1:02PM CDT
Cash ethanol prices in Chicago and the New York Harbor dragged down by easing corn and RBOB futures.
Friday, October 13, 2017 1:39PM CDT
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 1:38PM CDT
DTN Production Blog
Pam Smith
Crops Technology Editor
Monday, September 18, 2017 6:14PM CDT
Bayer is seeking new age solutions to answer agronomic problems.
Friday, September 8, 2017 7:52PM CDT
Friday, September 1, 2017 2:58PM CDT
Harrington's Sort & Cull
John Harrington
DTN Livestock Analyst
Friday, October 6, 2017 1:28PM CDT
Chain speeds are racing in hog slaughter plants, but can old machinery keep up?
Friday, September 22, 2017 3:23PM CDT
Friday, September 1, 2017 3:27PM CDT
South America Calling
Alastair Stewart
South America Correspondent
Thursday, August 24, 2017 11:32AM CDT
The Brazilian government has decided to hit ethanol imports from the United States with a 20% tariff.
Wednesday, August 23, 2017 2:50PM CDT
Thursday, August 17, 2017 3:02PM CDT
An Urban’s Rural View
Urban Lehner
Editor Emeritus
Friday, October 13, 2017 6:36PM CDT
Washington still hasn't come up with a plan to pay for big infrastructure investments -- and doesn't seem to be looking very hard.
Thursday, October 5, 2017 6:56PM CDT
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 10:25AM CDT
Machinery Chatter
Jim Patrico
Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 2:06PM CDT
At a time when chemical application has grown increasingly more complex, AGCO this summer introduced a new series of RoGators with creative plumbing solutions to tackle those compl... [Read Full Blog]
Monday, October 2, 2017 1:39PM CDT
Monday, September 18, 2017 1:51PM CDT
Canadian Markets
Cliff Jamieson
Canadian Grains Analyst
Monday, October 16, 2017 4:11PM CDT
AAFC's October supply and demand estimates incorporated the recent model-based yield estimates which points to increased production potential overall as well as exports. Ending sto... [Read Full Blog]
Friday, October 13, 2017 5:11PM CDT
Thursday, October 12, 2017 4:37PM CDT
Editor’s Notebook
Greg D. Horstmeier
DTN Editor-in-Chief
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 8:30AM CDT
Society, and community, is based on agreement, but the fuel that feeds progress in any society and preserves our individuality within it, is disagreement.
Tuesday, August 29, 2017 4:45PM CDT
Friday, August 18, 2017 11:33AM CDT
DTN Market Headlines
December corn was 1 cent lower, November soybeans were 4 cents lower, and December Chicago (SRW) wheat was fractionally lower.
Lean hog contracts should open moderately higher thanks to follow-through buying and stronger fundamentals. Look for the cattle complex to begin with mixed price action linked to a combination of residual selling and short-covering.
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