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Calf Feeds

Calf Feeds

Calf Feeds

Nutrition Service has a dedicated calf feed manufacturing line. We incorporate our own flaked corn and pellets with high bio-available ingredients to produce industry leading calf feed. We offer Calf Starters and Growers with Bovatec®, Monensin®, and Deccox® to control Coccidiosis while increasing rate of weight gain. Our system allows us to produce bulk calf feed loads or bags.

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Why should you use a Texturized Calf feed with Flaked Corn?

The answer is, the Research says so! Combining Grains, Pellets and Molasses takes advantage of the research in three ways. First the Pellet contains the essential trace mineral, amino acids and proteins along with your choice of growth enhancers. The grain provides both energy and stimulates cud chewing, saliva formation and increases gut pH. Lastly, molasses not only reduces fines, prevents sorting and reduces shrink, but causes rumen papillae stimulation and growth, allowing the calf to mature more quickly. Take a look at the research:

The processing Steam flaking corn increased the content of gelatinized starch ( Soltani et al., 2020) and aid in stimulating chewing and rumination.

Pelleted starters do not have particle size to stimulate chewing and rumination. Porter et al. (2007) found that calves fed starter with cracked corn and crushed oats versus those grains ground and pelleted ruminated at an earlier age and spent more time ruminating, resulting in a higher ruminal pH.

Textured starter leads to calves ruminating more and earlier (Porter et al., 2007), and more saliva production that buffers the rumen from becoming too acidotic; however, pelleted starters do not have particle size to aid this process.

E. Oltramari et al., (2018) fed textured starters at a rate of 0%, (control) 5% or 10% molasses as a replacement for corn to replacement dairy calves.  Numerically, calves fed greater rates of molasses as a replacement for corn, had improved ADG, Heart Girth Gain (an indicator of neonatal gain), Papillae Height gain (an indicator of rumen development), and significant increases in Butyric acid concentration (found to Our Calf starters are intelligently designed to maximize the gains of your calves while stimulating the young developing rumen.)

Con 5% sugar 10% molasses P value
DMI 261.8 396 443.8 0.57
Body Wt (kg) 39.6 40.8 42.8 0.21
Avg Daily Gain (g) 256.7 289.6 298.5 0.11
Heart Girth Gain cm/wk 1.18 1.38 1.56 0.12
Papillae Ht (mm) 1.69 2.03 3.38 0.13
Butyric (VFA) 7.81 10.66 12.77 0.06
Sh. Chain Fatty Acids 104 132 127 0.08

Performance and Metabolism of Calves Fed Starter Feed Containing Sugarcane Molasses or Glucose Syrup as a Replacement for Corn JAA 2018

What are the benefits of NSC calf feeds?

What are the benefits of NSC calf feeds?

The research suggests that our calf feeds will deliver greater gains and quicker maturity of your calves.