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    Spot Cash Contract

    Are the most commonly used contracts. They are used when the cash price has reached your goal with little thought to either futures or basis.

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    Forward Cash Contract

    Allow the producer to lock in a cash grain price for a specific delivery date and location in the future. This type of contract is preferred to lock in a crop selling price.

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    Delayed Price Contract

    Allow producers a high degree of price flexibility for an extended period of time. A service charge may or may not be used during the marketing year. If a service charge is being used, a price increase must be expected to offset this expense.

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    Basis Contract

    Are similar to forward cash contracts in that they allow the producers to lock in a future delivery price, but only partially. The partially fixed price is basis: the difference between cash and futures; with the futures to be fixed at a later time.

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    Hedge To Arrive Contract

    Are the reverse of a basis contract. This contract is typically used when futures are high, and the belief is that futures will drop and simultaneously the basis is wide and should narrow.

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    Deferred Payment Contract

    Are used to defer tax liability to another tax year. Please consult your tax accountant for proper application.